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Great visual aesthetic with complimentary animation, well done. Wish I could know what was going on but either way, really good stuff.

Interesting idea with decent animation. The objects in this need to feel realer, with there own weight and movement. The concept isn't too original but for what it's worth, not bad.

animatroll responds:

thank you! I will try to make objects more realistic.
I think that there should be some dramatic moments in this cartoons, how do you think?

Mouth movement contrasts heavily with the body movement, from fluid motion to the choppy movement in the body. Keep all aspects of animation consistent so there isn't visual tares. Not bad but you still need to get a defined aesthetic that's more confident rather than the aesthetic you have now that leaves the viewer wondering if it was a mistake or actually done with volition behind it, or both. Keep up the good work!

DudeImSam responds:

Thank you for your advice.. Like I said this is my third ever animation so I'm still working on it.. I need to have better motion and quite a few other things.. It's all a working progress but thanks so much for you comment.. It means a lot :)

I like the animations, movement felt pretty natural. Not much more to say besides that. ( side note: as a creator to a creator, I can relate to that salt about NG reviewers lol )

FleetAdmiralTony responds:

yea i wanted to keep it short, ill be sure to make part 2 with more love. lol thanks man

This would be good for and intro to animation, like you calling card, but is a lone animation, nope. You have to develop animations and art still. Don't be discouraged or anything, just keep creating better and better content. Content with purpose. Good luck!

NoahJustNoah responds:

Akright thank you for the advice. And I did plan on using it for a outdo type thing .

SO accurate. On a more serious note, the animation matches it purpose so well. Stiff for comedic effect but pretty damn good when it need to be and when it suites it well. Really well done.

Listen, I know that this is old and all. You can follow the story and it does in some way makes sense. The point is, you will make better. You have the tools, now all you need is the experience. I think you can make something amazing. Just hold tightly to your creative will and I'm sure over time you can make so to a higher caliber (god knows it's taking me a while to get there). Until then, keep studying and improving! I'll definitely be watching.

Zelpai responds:

Thanks a lot! I'll keep working my hardest to make even better SFMs!

i love it

this is so awesome.



love this

this realy made me think. i think this was grand.

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