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Great visual aesthetic with complimentary animation, well done. Wish I could know what was going on but either way, really good stuff.

Interesting idea with decent animation. The objects in this need to feel realer, with there own weight and movement. The concept isn't too original but for what it's worth, not bad.

animatroll responds:

thank you! I will try to make objects more realistic.
I think that there should be some dramatic moments in this cartoons, how do you think?

I really like the aesthetics and movement for this intro. Motion seems fluid with visual effects that compliment it. Also like the TV static effect add to it.

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Maximum Dong Game. Had an anxiety attack in the middle of the game. 5/5

As simple as it is, I absolutely love collecting large katamari posy of friends. Also love the little narratives for each world.

Awesome stuff!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks :) Those games are actually quite fast to make so I will probably make more in this style!

I think some clarity could really help this game out.
For starters, explaining what the controls are for the game. Even if it's just in the description. For a couple minutes, I didn't realize I had a jump button because there's no key binding for the W key.

Right now, this feels more like a prototype rather than a complete experience (which is totally fine). The art assets are nice and there's some cool little details with the audio but the core mechanics aren't really refined and there's a lack of purpose to this game.

Also, take some notes from how Ori and the Blind Forrest designs their levels. I feel like their design principles could align with what you are trying to achieve both from a visual and design perspective.

Hopefully in the next update/release, you address these things!

Until then, best of luck :>

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I can't get enough! So friggin good man!

The sample treatment is WILD. You served it up in so many different ways. Got me jamming in my bathroom at 3 in the morning.

Phenomenal work broski!

VariableGROfficial responds:

Woooo! Thanks brother it's a Honor to have your comment
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ thanks

The sounds design is absolutely nuts on this! Awesome job, can't wait to see what else you make!

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Amazing work! Absolutely love the hair texture detail!

I am smiling out of fear


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