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Maximum Dong Game. Had an anxiety attack in the middle of the game. 5/5

As simple as it is, I absolutely love collecting large katamari posy of friends. Also love the little narratives for each world.

Awesome stuff!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks :) Those games are actually quite fast to make so I will probably make more in this style!

I think some clarity could really help this game out.
For starters, explaining what the controls are for the game. Even if it's just in the description. For a couple minutes, I didn't realize I had a jump button because there's no key binding for the W key.

Right now, this feels more like a prototype rather than a complete experience (which is totally fine). The art assets are nice and there's some cool little details with the audio but the core mechanics aren't really refined and there's a lack of purpose to this game.

Also, take some notes from how Ori and the Blind Forrest designs their levels. I feel like their design principles could align with what you are trying to achieve both from a visual and design perspective.

Hopefully in the next update/release, you address these things!

Until then, best of luck :>

I like the atmosphere and game feel you've created here! For 1 week of solo development, this is really impressive!

My little nitpick:
In the current state, I don't like being restricted by the safe space in the story mode. It doesn't quite feel justified. For a path that is super linear, I think adding a small narrative to the game could go a long way in terms of justification. Otherwise, the restriction presented feels a bit arbitrary.

Awesome job tho! This really makes me feel really nostalgic in a special way.

Philplays responds:

Im glad you enjoyed most of it!

Clean mechanics and level/puzzle design. Super nice art, atmosphere and animation. And the music has nice production quality to it.

Im not one for puzzle platformers but this was very enjoyable. Only wish there was a bit more narrative or context given in game. Other wise, nicely done!

OurLittleStudio responds:

Thanks for playing our game :) Glad you enjoyed it.

This game feels rough. The visuals are nice and the mechanics are good for what they are,however, there is a bunch of questionable design choices made.

You need to introduce the mechanics of the game to the audience. There's no need to shove it down their throat but you need to introduce it to audience in some shape or form.

Why does the line that points to your curser not match your curved trajectory? I can get that you want the player to identify the relation between the mouse and the origin of the shot but still. The straight line implies no gravity.

Also you might wana change the game size or crop the background. The extra space on the sides just detracts from the visuals.

I get that this is a game jam game, but good fundamental design before working can make all the difference!

Hope this feedback helps!

Eh. The core mechanics work well and function how you'd imagine them to, however there is some questionable design choices throughout the entire game. Aim to make the objective of the game clear (don't over exert it tho, find a good balance). Also color coating allies and enemies would help, seeing that there is no or minimal visuals ques that indicate friends of foes.

Also to be entirely honest, this game is just kinda boring and bland. It lacks personality. Style or traits that set it apart from all the other tanks games. The art looks fine but I could not distinguish this from the other thousands of tank sims. Try experimenting! Do something different! Try a different visual style, Implant different types of mechanics that haven't been tried in this genre! Give it a soul!

ps. adding a visual to the preview art would make this way more appealing. Honestly thought this was going to be garbage just by the default NG preview


PowerKnight responds:

Thanks TriXel. I see that all my problems are about visuals. That is because I am only a programmer and have no artist in my team.
1. I need to distinguish between teams clearly.
2. I need an aim system.
3. I need to put some more action in game, new mechanics.

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I get that it's a game jam, but the core mechanics arent that interesting or even particularly fun. Also, the visuals/presentation is hella boring. The design of it isn't really evocative of that theme "small planet". Even with crude graphics and bad audio, the fundamental design of a game's mechanics can really carry a game. Usually when I do gamejams, I know that all aspects of my game is gonna be constrained, so it acts as a good exercise in design. "How can you make the most out of what you have?". Jams are always a good way of developing that. Hope this helps!

The idea is cute but you dont develop the concept into something that's 3d dimensional. Interesting idea but not fully realized and implemented. Also the mechanics doesn't really serve the idea too well either. Nothin special about the 2d platform mechanic that ties into the idea you're trying to convey. The best harmony within a game is between narrative, mechanics, and its execution. Keep creating tho fam. Fine tuning takes lots of grinding.

Really interesting concept! Makes for a fun relaxing puzzle. Really like the approach to the mechanics. Also enjoy the really chill sound and music. Wish there was a bit more kinesthetics to how objects move and react to their space. Side note: maybe more interesting art can make the came pop more and provided intrigue. Maybe like theming the visuals or something. Provided some context for the game. Mechanically tho, very interesting.

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