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I am smiling out of fear


Reminds me of Mongolian Chop Squad. Nice aesthetic!

Love the colors.
Love the scenery.
Love the painted texture.

This makes me feel really happy.
You've made my night a little brighter :>

BudderDaze responds:

mmm im glad you liked it!! <3

Really like your approach to form and shape! This style is very distinct and memorable.

Only wish you applied a bit more color tones to really double down on the lighting you chose. Maybe also use that hot pink as a highlight instead of a base tone. It really strains my eyes lol.

This looks dope tho!

Really love the dynamic high contrast shading!

The style reminds me of gorrilaz and kaiji ultimate survivor.

My only nitpicks would be that the lighting doesn't seem 100% consistent and that the anatomy seems off on the lower body.

But either way, really awesome piece!

Really like the concept! Honestly I really love the line work, shape and form.

Just wish you went a bit further with shading and lighting since the coloring looks a bit flat.

None the less, awesome job! Would buy wares from her again.

KnebulaNight responds:

Yeah it's really rare that I skip shading these days, but the details on this one intimidated me. In a few days, I'm probably also gonna wish I shaded as well, haha.

But thanks!

(I might revisit the shading if I end up dumping all my spritedraws into a collection or something)

Really awesome line work, character designing and shading!

I feel like the palette lacks a certain cohesiveness and pop. Like the lighting is correct but the hue shifting is quite there. Also wish the background was more fleshed out.

But all in all, really good piece! Keep up the awesome work!

Butzmansavage responds:

Thank you! I'm definitely in agreement about the color.

Low Key was hoping it was animated >:

Regardless, you have the pose and lighting pretty well defined on the body!

Her blade fidget spinner is a bit questionable. I think if you want to sell that it's metal, you should add white strikes of light across the metal and make the dark tones darker.

The Anti-Aliasing is also a bit wonkey on the bladed but aside from that, Good stuff!

metal reference: https://orig00.deviantart.net/77ab/f/2015/235/1/f/tutorial__how_to_draw_trophies_by_oni1ink-d96u62k.png

gatekid3 responds:

i based the shading off of the actual painwheel game art, so it came out a bit duller, there are highlights on the metal though.i dont think the dark tones need to be any darker, but there were some things i could have done to make it more reflective that i didnt do.

And nah, didnt feel like animating this, too many twitchy, moving parts.

Awesome job! Really love the color choices and lighting/shading! Not the mention the line work. Definitly taking some notes over here.

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