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I can't get enough! So friggin good man!

The sample treatment is WILD. You served it up in so many different ways. Got me jamming in my bathroom at 3 in the morning.

Phenomenal work broski!

VariableGR responds:

Woooo! Thanks brother it's a Honor to have your comment
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ thanks

The sounds design is absolutely nuts on this! Awesome job, can't wait to see what else you make!

Really dig this dystopian industrial vibe! Really cool textures in growls.
Awesome job!

Love the 80's type feel! The synths and the guitar really brings back memories of watching the Transformers 1987 movie as a kid.

Also absolutely love the guitar tone you have! Are you using a digital plugin for the amp or recording from a real amp? It's super duper clean!

LunacyEcho responds:

thanks!! okay, in the name of full transparency, i wasn't the one who actually recorded the guitar part—that belongs to my skilled friend jack. however, as per the ngadm guidelines, i did send him exact melodies and chords to play, and while he did send me a solo, i chopped it up and edited many of the rhythms and melodies so that it sounds completely different to the original solo he sent (that might explain why there are spots in the solo where the guitar sounds stretched or where the rhythm doesn't line up, lol)

i believe he used reaper to record, and i picked out an overdrive setting for him that emphasizes the low mids. i then put it through the 'clean room' amp in logic for an extra boost in the highs!

Oh my god. The amount of little details in the intro instantly had me.
The drops are so heavy and full, I literally laughed when I saw the wave form at 2:40.

Even with how hard it goes, you don't lose control of the sound. Idk how you do it without having weird clipping or distortions.

And the dynamic range is just NUTS.

Really awesome stuff! Instant follow lol.

The sound design here is crazy nuts and FUNKY.
This feels like fighting my way up through hundreds of floors to finally showdown with a crazy mechanoid boss on the rooftop of some dystopian skysraper.

Hella props! Awesome job!

Yo! This is dripping with highly polished production!
You're mixing is really top notch! All the instruments really blend naturally together but are still discernible.

Also love how you create tension and release in a lot of different ways.

Only wish you elaborated on this song's structure. I feel like there so much more you could add to it!

You are definitely on my radar! Can't wait to see what you produce next!

Love the constant feeling of tension this song provides! Almost like making a critical decision during an intense battle!

Would love to see a remastered version with better Orchestral VSTs and more punch from the low ends of the percussion.

Awesome Job tho!

The melodic ideas are so jank but you still make it work and sell it harder than a used cars sales man, lol.

Absolutely love how you process the drums.There's so much detail in the different ways you serve up the drum lines (especially in the higher frequencies).

Definitely one of the most interesting drum-n-bass/jungle songs I've heard in a hot minute.
I'm gonna be taking hella notes from this!

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